What is Talon aircraft used for?

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How to use Talon?

NASA operates a fleet of thirty-two T-38 aircraft and uses the aircraft as a training aircraft for astronauts and combatants. The fleet is mainly based in the Ellington, Houston, Texas area.

How much does T 37 cost?

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When using the 38T?

Low Pilot Training Basic Navigator Instructor and Tactical Navigator Training
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April 17, 1961



First flight 1959-04-10
Key Users United States Air Force NASA Turkish Air Force NASA

What is the speed of the T-38 Talon?

1,381 km per hour

How many engines does the T-37 have?

The XT-37 was powered by two J69-T-9 Continental-TELEDINE jet engines, a French Marbore licensed engine with a compressor each weighing 920 pounds (4.1 kN). Is the T-38 still working? It was the world’s first supersonic simulator and is the most widely produced. The T-38 has been in use by various air forces since 2022. The United States Air Force (USAF) operates mainly through the T-38. In addition to USAF pilot training, NASA T-38 is used.

Can you buy a T-38?

While many T-38s are still in use, they are discarded because T-38s are sometimes sold out for repair and repair. If you want, you can buy 75% of the project price and complete the renovation for up to $ 250,000 or spend $ 800,000 and get everything included.

When was the last T-38 made?


Which plane is the hardest to fly?

Lockheed U-2 spy plane

Can all T-38s fly with astronauts?

Anyone who didn’t fly a T-38 before joining NASA learned to fly when they joined the Astronaut Corps. Basic training for astronauts includes lessons with the T-38, and mission specialists who do not fly spacecraft are required to check in four hours a month with the T-38. 2011-04-20Is the T-38 Talon Supersonic? The T-38 Talon is a height-double Supersonic JET simulator machine used in a variety of roles due to its design and economical operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency and exceptional safety.The answer is a surprising “yes!” After demilitarization, the plane can be bought publicly.

Is it difficult to use the T-38?

While not a complex or sophisticated aircraft, it has some unique flight characteristics that require absolute precision and pilot discipline.

Is there an extra burner in the T-38?

The best rate of climb of a male aircraft burner is 0.92. The auxiliary burner can be used for more than twenty minutes. The T-38 is a high-speed aircraft.

How many T-38s fell?

Accidents and incidents More than 210 aircraft were lost and launched during the lifetime of the T-38.

How much does a T-38 cost?

The Air Force hires a new trainer. Probably the most attractive quality of the Boeing and Saab TX shoes was the price: 9.2 billion. USD – Half of what the U.S. Air Force estimates the program will cost

Where is NASA’s T-38 base?

Houston, Texas

Who has T-38 coupons?

The Jet T-38 Claw has been used in advanced pilot training since the 1960s, and the pilot needs students to teach acoustic techniques, skill flying, night and instrument flight, and skiing.

Why did NASA use the T-38?

The T-38 was used as a fighting machine to encourage quick decision-making in rapidly changing situations. This skill an astronaut must master in an unforgivable space environment. Lessons from T-38 cabin astronauts help prepare for the difficult situations they may encounter during the mission.

What planes do NASA astronauts fly?

Flat Type Current Location
Boeing 737, NASA 515 Fast Flights Aviation Museum

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