What is Subway best known for?

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What makes the subway more famous?

The most popular sandwiches here in the US are Turkey and Tuna Subway. It is far from the world, with unique and marketable products that create more than 37 million potential sandwich combinations in more than 100 countries.Is the Subway unhealthy? Subway foods are usually low in sugar and a good source of fiber and protein, but they are also high in fat and sodium. Part of the metro attraction is that you can customize your meal. Take advantage of the opportunity to choose healthy toppings and exclude all cheese and white toppingsIs Subway Bread Unhealthy? Unfortunately, according to NPR, bread contains 10% sugar in the total weight of the recipe. Only in 2020 will the most important “healthy fast food” have more bread than real bread.

What are the problems with the metro?

Metro challenges are well documented. The business has grown too much and franchisees are often forced to open stores in existing locations. The number of restaurants alone, nearly 27,000 in the US, means that each store earns less sales per unit.

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