Welche Dinge kann man selber machen?

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What can you do yourself?

– DIY, don’t buy detergent .- Make toothpaste, don’t buy.- Recycled baby wings.- Make your own aluminum free deodorant.- Buy cleaning products instead.- Cosmetic pads and rags. – Manufacturers of cosmetics.

What can I make of cardboard?

– Laptop stand.- Foldable T-shirt made of smooth cardboard.- Portable paint tray.- Cardboard stove.- Toilet paper instead of curls. – Cat toys.- Simplify speakers.- Passive iPad cardboard.

What to do on the paper?

Sound can be achieved with a paper or fan ring. This creates a small strip of paper. You can make corrugated cardboard out of corrugated cardboard, so you can make great music. Or a simple box used as a drum.

What does origami support?

The workflow develops the basic skills of preschoolers and primary school students, such as math, language, design, social issues, science and technology. The ability to fold the paper comes from Japan and is called origami. .2007-01-17

How to assemble the purse?

– Fold an A4 sheet in half and unfold it again. – You enter the folders on the four corners. – Lower the top. – Back from right to left. – Fold down the front left side. The cracker is ready.

What can be made of the old page book?

Write down old books. I am looking for a place for banknotes, postcards etc. placed on the wall or on the table. 06/09/2021

How does the swan empty the paper?

– start from the square. Rotate the board in the upper right and lower right corner. – Turn the model upside down. – Fold the upper left and lower left edges of the edges together. – Fold the left corner to the corner. – Turn the lid to the left.

How does origami work?

Origami ([oʀiɡami]) (in Japanese [oriˌɡami], air – “weight” and “Kami” – “paper”) is the art of folding paper. Starting with a square, two or three sides. When storing items such as animals, paper coasters, items, and geometric shapes, long folds are created.

What can be done with old paper?

– Chemically wet shoes. – shop bags and shoes. – Remove the safety glass. – Clean the newspaper window. – Close the grille. – Clean the grilles. – Some wet newspapers make cleaning the grill much easier.You can paint, draw, draw, shape, engrave or glue – the homemade heart always comes from the heart and reaches the heart!

What can you do with paper?

– Origami. Origami is incredibly simple: an origami booklet and everything! – Make a birthday card. – Prepare dinner. – Make paper flowers. – Prepare paper birds. – Make teapot holders for spring – Paper earrings. – Make a vase.

What to do about cardboard?

For example, you can engrave or glue cotton cups or larger lights, but you can make and decorate table lights out of paper. This usually requires scissors, glue and construction paper. You can also use transparencies or parchment paper.

What can you do alone?

– Origami. Angels, stars, flowers, cones, or abstract figurines can be made of paper, newspaper, book pages, or sheet music and creatively decorated with beads and colors. Frame. – Keyboard. – Hanger/wardrobe.- Mandarin/walnut candle.

How many origami shapes are there?

Origami Japan underwent a new revolution when origami artist Akira Yosizava managed to collect about 50,000 characters during her lifetime, many of which she invented herself. Yoshizava is considered the “father” of modern origami in Japan. 2012-05-17

What do I need to make soap?

– 250 grams of odorless organic money or organic olive soap. – 50 ml of coconut oil or olive oil (preferably organic oil)Shapes (best silicone, also suitable for ice cubes, chocolate or candy)- Probably 10 drops of essential oil. – Rust, foam, pot.

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