How much fabric do I need for voile curtains?

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How much fabric do you need for curtains?

We recommend collecting 2-2.5 times. Calculate the desired number by multiplying the meter by 2 or 2.5. Divide by panel width (usually 150 cm). Fly up or down to the next integer depending on what you need to collect.

How to Make Linen Curtains Step by Step?

  1. Cut the curtains and linings. Cut curtain fabrics to final production dimensions.
  2. Prepare the border.
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  4. Prepare the panel components.
  5. Sew the side seam.
  6. Tie and sew the stitch on the other side.
  7. Press and rotate.
  8. Prepare the top.

How do you assemble the sequins?

Take two shequins and press them side by side. These panels have a special mechanism to ensure that they are straight. Arrange the ShimmerClick panels so that the top edge aligns with the crossbar, and rotate the two clips diagonally around the panel to hold them together.2020-04-11

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