How much do SiriusXM disc jockeys make?

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How much do SiriusXM discos earn?

$ 64 134 >


Degree Position Average Salary
5 Discjockey
6 Sporting Goods Manufacturer $ 39,734
7 Code of Conduct $ 36,023
8 Production Assistant $ 35,867

Is Sway still 45 in the morning?

He directed the national radio show The Wake Up Show as part of the duo Sway & King Tech.Born in 1967 in Miami. Fast forward through adolescence, maturation and high school! I entered Simmons College in Boston in 1985, I didn’t know where I wanted to grow up, so I was learning French. Who is a Classic Rewind DJ?

  • Rachel Style. Rachel Steele has worked for years at Cleveland Rock Radio.
  • Carol Miller. Carol Miller’s first concert was at The Beatles.
  • Block Kelly Kelly. Shotgun Tom Kelly – one of America’s most famous and beloved radio people – plays all the hits of the 60’s every week.
  • Kristine Stone.
  • Alan Jaeger.

How old are the Earle Bailey discos?

I am 63 years old, 5 feet 7 inches tall. I weigh 139 pounds, I’m the right man for my age and height.

What is an old vinyl DJ?

Meg Griffin (born December 2, 1953) is an American radio disco that currently listens to Sirius XM satellite radio, The Loft, Classic Vinyl, The Beatles Channel and Deep Tracks.

Where’s the classic Sirius vinyl?

26 channels

What is a classic Rewind DJ?

Guest DJ on SiriusXM’s classic rewind with Kristine Stone in New York. This is your chance to play your radio show with Kristine Stone’s classic SiriusXM rewind. Classic rock cassettes take an hour to help you choose! Who is Earle Bailey? Earle Bailey worked for one of the most influential radio stations on the East Coast. It now combines the most famous artists, albums and classic rock songs in classic vinyl and deep songs.

Who is Rachel Steele?

Rachel Steele, 35, mentor. music director and afternoon boy on the new WLFM/87.7 FM radio station in Cleveland’s Sound; DJs at parties, charities and clubs through; and married the mothers of two 6- and 3-year-old boys. You can swing on high heels.Who is Christine Stein? Throughout the decade, Christina Stone has been nicknamed “Stoner,” “Stoune,” “Baloney,” “Rock Mother,” and more recently, “Mother.”

Who are the SiriusXM DJs?

  • Steven Smith.SiriusXM stars.
    • David Fricke. Spectrum.
    • . The first wave, created by Richard Blade.
    • Dr. Laura.SiriusXM stars.

    Does Eminem 45 shade apply to you?

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    Eminem Urban’s jump over the club does not shorten
    Owner Sirius XM Radio

    Who is a DJ in the 70s?

    DJ JJ Walker Waiting Night Greetings from Jackie Gleason Miami Studios! 2015 June 24th

    How much does Bubba love sponge cost?


    Net Value: $ 4 million USD
    Date of Birth: (55 years old)
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Radio Person
    Nationality: USA

    Where is Sirius Deep Tracks? Neil Young will only return to SiriusXM radio for a limited time. Enjoy Neil Radio Young on Deep Tracks (Chapter 27) until February 4 and later on Channel 505 from February 4 to 26. or stream it now via SXM.

    Is Sway still in the 45th shadow?

    Sway now hosts Sway in the Morning on SiriusXM Shade45 and MTV TRLAM.

    How Much Does Sirius XM Radio Host Earn?


    74,672 USD /td>


    Degree Employment Average salary
    1 Radio show
    2 Home Screen Talk 71,594 USD
    3 shared server
    Associate $ 66,310

    Is Earl Bailey married?

    Earle Bailey OAM


    Political Party National Party
    Spouse Penelope Edith Reilly (b. 1966)
    Contact Sir Earl Page’s Grandfather)
    Careers Lawyer


    How many people make money with SiriusXM?

    How much are SiriusXM employees paid? View current salaries by department and job.

    Who gets shade 45?

    Sway sits with friends Heather B and Tracy G with guests from the worlds of movies, music, sports and more!

    Who drives Shade 45?

    Legendary DJ and producer Cypress Hill, House of Wrestling and Ice Cube showcase Soul Assassins Radio’s more than 20 years of experience, bringing RAW hip-hop from west to east and around the world. The programming team is DJ Muggs and Ern Dogg. The sets are held by DJs for special guests Plus. Is Eminem Sway in the morning? History. Eminem launched his hip-hop channel, Shade 45. Eminem also made a new breakfast, Sway in the Morning with Sway Calloway, which runs from 7pm Monday to Friday. 08.00> Where is Earle Bailey Sending? Classic vinyl record with Earl Bailey From moderator to producer and director, Earle Bailey presented his radio career from Connecticut to Bridgeport to Philadelphia, where he made and played Rock ‘n’ Roll in Sweden.

    What is the difference between Sirius and SiriusXM?

    The only difference between them is the price. The XM offers 122 channels for just $ 9.95. per month, while Sirius has only 120 channels and costs $ 12.95 per month. Month.

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