Can you sacrifice a creature for multiple effects?

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Can you sacrifice a creature to make a greater impact?

You cannot sacrifice a being for all the consequences of A, C, D, E because you have to pay for the sacrifice of being and you have to pay all the expenses. 09/09/2012

Can you donate a permanent one at any time?

You can’t constantly sacrifice spontaneously. Even if you could keep “when a creature dies” or “when a creature sacrifices,” you have to find a way to sacrifice. There is no rule forbidding this; there is simply no rule to allow this

Can you sacrifice a creature you don’t control?

Can I sacrifice a creature even though I no longer control it? No, you can’t. The creature remains in the game

Can you import gingerbread?

Food is a kind of artifact. While this occurs in some creatures (such as Gingerbrute), it is never a strange creature. If exposure means food, it means any food, not just food. For example, you can donate to Gingerbrute to activate the highest abilities of a seductive witch.

How did Vorinclex get to Kaldheim?

Vorinclex Chaldheim Chaldheim Vorinclex was transported from its home in New Phirexia to the planet Chaldheim probably via the Planar Bridge. Although the route to Chaldheim is unknown, the organic parts of the Vorinclex have been destroyed as a result of this process.

Can you double MTG?

So answer your correct question so you can’t “dive twice.” You can only donate for one purpose.Is the family still alive? Death 4205 AR. Yawgmoth, also known as his indescribable servant, and in the prevailing mythology was the ruler of Waste, the god and creator of the race in the Pyrenees.

What happened to Frix?

The selective forces lost all desire to live with God’s death. Phyrex was defeated.

Can you donate the plague to yourself?

Each player chooses a total sacrifice from the creatures and pilgrims they control. You don’t have to decide which regular player the other player should donate to. Plague attacks can be creatures that their rulers sacrifice for their abilities.

Is a magical thing magical?

Spells are spells and objects at the same time, so the rules apply to both. Thera’s collection contained amazing artifacts depicting the weapons of the gods.

How did Carna get the spark?

Decades after Phyreksia occupied the planet Dominia, Karna fulfilled his destiny and joined forces with other descendants to destroy the father of Phyrexia planes. At that time, Karn became a Planeswalker and inherited a spark from his creator.

Can you write?

No. You can only donate what belongs to you. Even if their aura is related to your being, they still control the magic, not you. So you cannot sacrifice an aura controlled by an opponent but related to a creature under your control.2015-05-12

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